We use only the finest fresh ingredients and use NO preservatives in any of our dishes.  All our salad dressings are made in-house in the style of the original Greek food artisans. Our passion for this business grows each time someone tells us how much they enjoyed the food we just served them.




All gyros include; Lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, tzatziki and feta cheese. (Not including the Philly.)

Ikonos Gyro- Most traditional! Shaved Lamb and Beef. 5.95

Lamb Gyro- Lamb Souvlaki meat 6.45

Beef Gyro- Beef Souvlaki meat 6.45

Chicken Gyro- 5.95

Falafel Gyro- Ground seasoned chickpeas, herbs and spices. 5.95

Veggie Gyro- Grilled veggies. 5.95

Philly Gyro- Unlike the other Gyros, this sandwich features sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms, topped with melted provolone cheese. 6.45

Add a side to your meal- French Fries, Greek or Caesar Salad or Rice pilaf. 2.45


Gyro Combo! – Choice of any Gyro, and one side, (Salad, rice or fries) and a small drink. 10.95

Gyro Dinner- Choice of any Gyro and get two sides! (Greek or Caesar salad and rice or fries). 10.95

Ikonos Meal- 2 Souvlaki, (Lamb**, Beef** or Chicken) side of Greek or Caesar salad and rice or fries. 8.99 upgrade to lamb or beef add .99

Chicken Souvlaki (one skewer) 2.59

Lamb or Beef Souvlaki** (one skewer) 3.59

Chicken Bowl- Grilled chicken and rice pilaf topped with house dressing and feta. 4.99

Kids Meal- Chicken Souvlaki, choice or side (fries, rice, pita or salad), and a small soda. 3.95


Gyro Salad- Everything that’s in a gyro! Minus the pita bread! Served with a side of Tzatziki, Gyro meat or chicken. Lunch 5.95 Dinner 7.95

Greek Salad- Tomato, cucumbers, white onion, kalamata olives* and pepperoncini over romaine hearts sprinkled with feta cheese and our delicious house dressing. Lunch 5.95 Dinner 7.95

Caesar Salad- Tossed romaine hearts with shredded parmesan cheese croutons and house Caesar dressing. Lunch 5.95 Dinner 7.95


Calamari- Fried to a golden brown, served with fresh basil sauce for dipping. 7.99

Pita Platter- Grilled pita, side of Tzatziki, dolmas, Kalamata olives*. 5.59

Tzatziki or Hummus Dip- Two toasted pitas, or fresh cut veggies for dipping. 4.99

Falafel Platter- Fried Falafel, dolmas, hummus, tzatziki, veggies and grilled pita. 7.99

Dolmas- Seasoned rice wrapped in grape leaves, topped with Kalamata olives*, served cold. 3.99

Greek Fries- Hot French Fries made to order, and then sprinkled with feta cheese and a basil sauce for dipping. Personal size 3.49 Large 4.99

French Fries- Side 2.45 Large 3.99

Spanakopita- Flaky phyllo dough stuffed with spinach and feta. 4.99

Greek Nachos- Crispy pita chips topped with sun dried tomatoes, pepperoncini peppers, cucumber, onion, olives*, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce. Personal size 5.99 Large 8.99 Add Gyro meat 1.99


Baklava- Our tasty Greek dessert: walnuts, sugar, cinnamon and honey; baked between layers of phyllo dough. 2.99

*Our Kalamata olives contain pits! Careful! **Cooked to order. Consumption of raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of food borne illness


The consumption of raw or uncooked egg, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish

may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Many of our dishes contain Kalamata olives which contain pits. When eating please be aware.

Our Commitment

We will only use the finest fresh ingredients, make things from scratch rather then pulled out of a frozen bag, and above all put into the food the time and effort needed to ensure that it not only taste great but is great for you as well. This passion is what makes the customer want to return. Never disappoint and never take a short cut.

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